Coogans Credit

Applying for Coogans Credit is easy. You just provide our Credit Department with the following and we can start the process. Three (3) forms of signed ID - One must be a Photo ID Eg: Drivers Licence, Passport, Birth Certificate, Medicare Card. Proof of income eg: Three most recent Pay Slips, Centrelink Statement or Bank Statement. Proof of address - something addressed to you in the mail. eg: Power Bill, Phone Bill, Rates Notice. Details of your current financial commitments. You must be at least 18 years of age to apply. Successful applicants will meet our Credit Lending Criteria. Our Credit team is available to answer your credit questions whenever we're open. 

Credit Guide

This credit guide has information relevant to the provision of credit by W. Coogan & Co Pty Ltd (we/us) and:

our responsible lending obligations under the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (Cth) (Act); and

what you can do if you have a complaint.

Our Obligation To Make A Credit Assessment

Prohibition on entering, or increasing the credit limit of, unsuitable credit contracts

Under the Act, we are obliged to ensure that any loan or credit limit increase to a loan we arrange is not unsuitable for you. We must not enter into a credit contract (Contract) with you, or increase the credit limit of an existing Contract with you, if the Contract is unsuitable for you.

We must make an assessment whether the contract will be unsuitable for you before entering into a Contract with you or increasing the limit of an existing Contract. The Contract is unsuitable if:

it is likely that you will be unable to comply with your financial obligations under the Contract, or could only comply with the Contract with substantial hardship; or

the Contract does not meet your requirements or objectives; or

any other circumstances prescribed under the Act to be unsuitable – those circumstances apply.

We must:

make reasonable inquiries about your requirements and objectives in relation to the Contract;

make reasonable inquiries about your financial situation; and

take reasonable steps to verify your financial situation.

We must not and will not enter a Contract with you or increase your credit limit if the Contract is unsuitable for you.

Credit Assessment

If you request a copy of your credit assessment for any particular contract application, we will provide you with a written copy of the assessment (at no charge to you):

as soon as possible, if you make the request before entering into a Contract or before the credit limit is increased under your existing Contract;

within 7 business days, if your request is made within 2 years of entering into a Contract or within 2 years from when the credit limit was increased under your existing Contract; and

otherwise, within 21 business days of your request.

Dispute Resolution

Internal Dispute Resolution

If you have a dispute about the credit assessment or the provision of credit, please contact our Complaints Officer or Deputy Complaints Officer on 03 6233 1888 to discuss your dispute. To help us ensure we address your dispute quickly please provide us with your name, client number and all the relevant information relating to your dispute. The matter will be fully investigated and all reasonable steps will be taken to resolve the dispute with you or your authorized representative.

External Dispute Resolution

If you are not satisfied with the response to your dispute, you may seek legal advice and/or contact our external dispute resolution provider. The Financial Ombudsman Service until 31 October 2018, post 1 November Australian Financial Complaints Authority Ltdis a free service established to provide you with an independent mechanism to resolve specific complaints.

You can refer your complaint, up to 31 October 2018, to the Financial Ombudsman Service at:

Telephone:1300 780 808, Email: [email protected] Online:

Post: GPO Box 3
Melbourne, VIC 3001.

You can refer your complaint from 1 November, 2018 to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority Ltd at:

Telephone: 1300 931 678, Email [email protected], Online

Post: GPO Box 3
Melbourne, VIC 3001


All details are current at the date of this Credit Guide.

V 1.2 August 2018